When It’s Time to Leave

Some people stay, some people don’t
It’s all about the art of letting go
But how can someone forget
the kind of man that is hard to let go?
The memories can never be forgotten
engraved in the deepest part of my mind
So how can you move on,
If someone like him is hard to find?
The last goodbye, the last farewell
The last moments you’ll surely miss
Is it worth it when all you ever had
Is one last feather-like goodbye kiss?

Bitter-Sweet Dreams

I woke up wary
I woke up panting
I woke up thinking of you
It was a vivid dream
A dream where I saw you
You stood from afar, far from me
I made a turn into a dark alley
But before I do, I peeked at you
Still you stood there, stiff and steady
Scared, three men behind me
I emerged from darkness
I saw you there, just staring at me
I felt the coldness of the air
coldness of your stare
Why are you like that? I began to wonder
Flicker, my eyes swung open
I got my phone and called your number
I told you the dream, starting from the beginning
Relieved, I sighed my wary away
“I will never do that to you, it’s just a silly dream”
“Now go back to sleep, don’t worry, I’ll stay”

Violent Waves

Baby, come swim, come swim with me
I hesitated because I can’t
Baby, come on, the water’s fine
I nodded again ‘cos I just can’t
Baby, come on, come on aboard
I gave my hand, to sit behind
Baby, just row, just row the boat
I said yes, yes, this is fun
Baby look, look at the sea
I smiled at him and him at me
Baby, go further, further beyond
I went and now, I’m terrified
Baby, come back, come back to me
I can’t, you see, the wave’s too violent
Baby, I love you, don’t let go
He watched me drown, go down below

Strange Connection

Day 1 started with the cliche “hello”
While our eyes scan each others unfamiliarity
You offered a handshake, I can’t refuse
From there, I felt the strange connection
Is there a possibility of you and me?
The way you look me in the eye
It’s like looking past through my soul
Undressing me with your mere look
The eagerness to know me transparently
Its giving me the chills, I just can’t control
The night arrived, with a hint of rain
The drizzling sound makes my mind at peace
The thought of you by my side is ecstasy
Warm bodies, side by side we lie
Imagining you and me, suddenly I’m uneasy
Then you made a move, you hovered over me
our lips interlocked, our tongues intertwined
I’m lost in the sweetest taste of your mouth divine
Lost like a traveler in the desert
Lost but I know, its for you to find.
But when dusk meets dawn,
There is no sight of you
Is it just a dream? Where did you go?
I found myself looking for you
looking for the man I had a strange connection to.